Check out the menus on the left for a list of tunes and covers that have been transcribed.  Many of the lyrics are not yet completed, contain errors, and/or have alternate lyrics.  Feel free to contribute additions, corrections, song-histories, and/or any other semi-related comments on the lyrics.

The information here is property of moeLinks, and the individuals that transcribed it from moe.'s music. (The actual lyrics, chords, and music, obviously, are the copyright of moe.)
Anyone that reproduces it in any way, shape, or form, MUST HAVE THE PERMISSION of all parties involved. If not, well, there's really nothing that we can do, but hell, what comes around, goes around, right??

The following is a list of tunes that still have not been transcribed.  Hopefully, with enough support, this list will no longer exist in a matter of months.  This is quite a formidable task, since these tunes are old, rare, and undistributed.  To contribute lyrics, just click on the song and send away.  All contributors are recognized.
Nutri-Sweet Magnolia

Psycho Pimp

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