"Blue Eyed Son"
Lyrics Written By:  Al Schnier

Lyrics Transcribed By:   Alex Rosenfeld

Debut: September 4, 1998
Official recording(s) (if any): none


    Sometimes ghosts are real and life is hard
    We live and learn to love
    The difference between right and wrong
    Might never be enough
    And if it seems like life's a game
    And no one knows the rules
    Just do the things that come to you
    And you'll always be true

And if it's seems like this old place
Is turned all upside-down
Well you just stick with me, kid
And turn it back around
Play it slow, enjoy the ride, and take it day by day
And I'll be here with you all the way

My blue eyed son

Well it may seem like this old place is too much room for you
Well take a look around you and just enjoy the view
Well you can be anyone that you believe is true
Just remember that I'll be here for you

My blue eyed son


(Chorus 3x)
My blue eyed son


"Blue Eyed Son" is a bluegrass ditty Al wrote for his son Benjamin a few weeks before his birth. It was debuted on September 4, 1998, at the High Sierra Music Festival, the first appearance the band made after returning from the short summer vacation over which Al and Diane were blessed with their new baby boy.

The following is a short commentary that Al made about the tune on THE DUNHAMS LIVING ROOM radio program on October 4, 1998:

"This next song is a song that I wrote for my baby a few weeks before I ever had a baby. It was just sort of like if I could give my kid just a very simple owner's manual with life just before he came around this is what I wanted to do. Except at the time I was...not banking on...but kind of leaning towards the fact that we were going to have a girl. So the song was called Elarose for awhile, because that was going to be her name. He ended up being far from an Elarose. His name is Benjamin. So I had to come up with something that worked like Elarose in the song. So the song is called 'Blue Eyed Son.' 'Blue Eyed Son' it is..."


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