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The Incomplete Guide to Deciphering Those Confusing Combinations of Letters and Numbers that Seem All Too Important to Some People

The goal of this little endeavor is to help in aiding moe.rons in finding out exactly what

AfDm 44.1 3:21:00 scms=00 FOB- Front Left@SBD B&K 4021s (~12')>Apogee AD 1000 (+20)>HHb (m)

means. Not only what it means, but how it affects you and those you love. For those of you who are not initiated into the Occult of Anal Tapers, OAT if you will, this will be your crash course in reading source info.

First and foremost, before attempting to decipher what is going on, it is best to first learn the background of what exactly composes up source info. There are a few things that make up the source info, they are microphone, pre-amp, analog to digital converter, (DAT) deck and placement. A combination of all of these factors, along with a few other minor details, including size of venue and the venues sound system, determine what exactly the DAT/CD/MD/analog/8-Track/Reel to Reel/LP will sound like when it gets into your hands.
So without further adieu, I've broken down the source components into their own sepearte page for your browsing.

A/D converters
DAT decks

So did you get all of that? Probably not huh? It's a lot to digest all at once. I'll bet you're wondering, well, does it really all make a difference? The answer to that: Yes.

brought to you by St. Patrick's Trees :)

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